Prof. Samson Adamu Shaibu, Hannatu Wyorkson


This study investigated practical enter-education in documentary film production in Nigeria. The objective of the study was to examine the current state of enter-education in Nigeria, identify the elements of enter-education in Nigerian documentaries, assess the effectiveness of enter-education on audience engagement and evaluate the role of enter-education in fostering social change. The study employed the Edutainment Theory which posits that entertainment media can be designed to educate through content that also entertains. It adopted a qualitative approach, examining a documentary script focused on primary education in Kaduna State in which the researcher participated in its production. It incorporated in-depth interviews with various stakeholders, including government officials, educationists, teachers and parents, along with an analysis of the script. The study found that enter-education in Nigeria is a nuanced blend of emotional storytelling, factual information and critical analysis. It effectively engaged audiences, and has the potential to act as a catalyst for social change. Various elements, including visual storytelling techniques, interviews and data presentation contribute to its effectiveness. The study concluded that enter-education is an essential tool for not just educating and entertaining but also for influencing social change in Nigeria. It recommended the incorporation of storytelling into the national curriculum, stakeholders’ involvement in documentary production, transparent data presentation in state-funded documentaries and the creation of a platform for documentaries that include a call-to-action for social change.


Enter-Education, Documentary Film, Production, Content Analysis, Nigeria, Social Change

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