Jide Lawrence Ajayi, Samuel Kolawole Ayodele, Folashade Oyinlola Adedokun


The central focus of academic libraries in institutions of higher learning is provision of required information resources and services to members of the institution’s community. Utilization of academic library is measured by the amount of library information resources and services that are used in teaching, learning, pleasure, relaxation and research activities. Hussaini, Vashistha & Jimah (2018) stated that university library faces a critical challenge in responding to the new demand of the 21st century with growing demographic growth linked with a lack of appropriate usage of library resources. To ensure users satisfaction and optimum utilization of the libraries, adherence to provision of service quality is the sure answer. Service quality has been identified as an important factor which should contribute to an organization’s ability to retain loyal customers and thus contribute to improved organisational performance. The paper is an expository one to sensitize the academic librarians to the need to for quality service delivery to its users who unlike in the past, now have many information providers to choose from.


Service quality, User Satisfaction, Academic Library

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