Oluwasanmi Samuel Ilesanmi


In light of the ENDSARS protest movement that occurred in 2020. There is clear distinction between the duties of the NPF and the actions in which they execute. For a very long time the NPF has had its powers unchecked as police brutality has become one of the main social issues in the country. over the years this has caused an outcry and revolution from the citizens but in more recent times social media has become the major communication tool to spare head the campaign against police brutality in Nigeria. The study is to discover the perception of undergraduate’s students in Redeemer’s University on the usage of social media against police brutality in Nigeria. The study findings also reiterated that the use of social media enabled people to contribute their voice in the fight against police brutality. Where 35% of the respondents strongly agreed that they use social media to contribute their voice on the fight against police brutality, 60.8% of the respondents agreed that they use social media to contribute their voice on the fight against police brutality. Based on the findings of this study the following recommendations were made; Social media should be geared towards productive activities, just like how it is been used to uncover and combat police brutality. The Police Force should be properly trained on relations with civilian and how to handle criminality without necessarily engaging in brutality. Government should ensure proper monitoring of police officers, and sanction officers engaged in any form of brutality.


Perception, Social Media, Police and Brutality

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