A. C. Okoye


Graduate unemployment in Nigeria has become a very serious concern to the government (Federal and State) and to the society at large. Educational institutions in Nigeria today are turning out thousands of graduates every year to pursue few paid government employment. Millions of graduates who are now roaming about the streets looking for white colar jobs that are not available, if adequately equipped with entrepreneurial skill would have been job creators and never job seekers. According to Federal Republic of Nigeria (2004) as stated on National Policy on Education, entrepreneurship Education should equip students with the necessary skills, knowledge, attitudes and competencies that will enable them develop economically and become self-reliance, thereby contributing to the nation’s economic development. The study examines the concept of entrepreneurship education, concept of unemployment, entrepreneurship education as a tool for solving graduates unemployment challenges of entrepreneurship education and strategies for a way forward.


Entrepreneurship Education, Panacea, Unemployment and Economic Development

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