Yushau Ango, Margaret Solomon


The study employed multiple regression method of analysis to examine the impact of entrepreneurial competencies on Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Kaduna metropolis. The objectives of the study are; to examine the impact of skills competencies on SMEs performance in Kaduna Metropolis and to evaluate the impact of personality competencies on SMEs performance in Kaduna Metropolis. Primary data was used for the study. Population of the study was 313 and out of which a sample size of 176 was drawn. The study found that skill competency has a significant impact on the small and medium scale enterprises performance and personality competency also has a significant impact on the small and medium scale enterprises performance. Based on the findings the study concludes that entrepreneurial competencies (skills and personality) in Kaduna Metropolis. The government and other relevant agencies and institution that are major stakeholders in SMEs development in Nigeria should equip current and future entrepreneurs with skills and personality competencies to make them self-reliance through workshops and seminars which will improve SMEs entrepreneurs’ managerial capabilities.


Competencies, Entrepreneur, Performance, Personality, Skills

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