Ngozi Bibiana Nwabufo (Ph.D)


The study examined marketing and accounting skills needed for the management of small scale businesses as considered by business educators in tertiary institutions in Kwara State Nigeria. Descriptive survey research design was used for the study. Two research questions and two hypotheses guided the study. The population of the study comprised all business educators in tertiary institutions in Kwara state, which were 82 in number as at the time of this study A structured questionnaire with 33 items was used to generate data from respondents. The instrument was validated by eight business educators (one from each of the tertiary Institutions that offer business education), in Kwara State. Mean and Standard Deviation were used to answer data related to research questions, while t-test statistic was used to test the two null hypotheses of the study. The findings of the study identified the marketing and accounting skills needed by tertiary Institutions’ graduates for the management of small scale enterprises in Kwara state. The study concluded that the government and stake holders should ensure that these skills are impacted to entrepreneurs, particularly the young ones and those  that just graduated from tertiary Institutions, through seminars and workshops, before encouraging them into entrepreneurship, so as to  equip them with the necessary skills needed to succeed in the world of business. It was recommended among others that all states and school programs  in Nigeria, should be mandated to establish entrepreneurship study centers. This centers should be equipped with all the modern facilities which could enrich both old and young entrepreneurs with practical skills needed for successful management of small scale businesses


Marketing, Accounting, Skills, Small scale businesses, Management

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