Joshua Sule Mamman (PhD)


The study examined the awareness and utilization of electronic databases for teaching and research by business education lecturers in universities in Kwara State. The study sought answers to two research questions formulated to guide the study. The study design was a descriptive survey research. Thirty-one Business Education lecturers in universities that offered Business Education Programme in Kwara State formed the population for the study. Awareness and Utilization of Electronic Databases Questionnaire (AUEDQ) with Cronbach reliability of 0.86 was the instrument used for data collection. Mean, and standard deviation score was used to analyze the data to answer the research questions. The two hypotheses were tested with independent samples t-test at the 0,05 level of significance. The study found that Business Education lecturers’ extent of awareness and utilization of electronic databases for teaching and research was to a low extent; the study also found that there was no significant difference between the mean responses of male and female business education lecturers’ extent of awareness of electronic databases for teaching and research (t27 = 1.02, P=0.732). Based on the findings, the following are recommended among others; There is a need for University Librarians to give proper orientation to the Academic staff members of the University on how to access/use the databases subscribed to by the University. Where necessary training should be provided on a constant basis by the University Librarians to update the existing academic staff and orient the newly recruited staff


Awareness, Utilization, Electronic, Database, Business, Education, Lecturers

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