Z. C. Obi, C. P. Okpala, C. C. Ezemba


The paper aimed to examine the involvement of the missions and government in education administration in Anambra State secondary schools. As a result of this, four research questions were formulated to guide the study. The questionnaire was constructed by the researchers in line with the research questions. A sample of twenty four (24) government owned schools and six (6) mission schools within Anambra State were used for the study. The population for the study included all teachers in Mission and Government owned secondary schools within Anambra state and there are twenty-seven (27) Mission and 257 Government Secondary schools in Anambra state. The data collected were analyzed and presented using mean. Finally, the following results were exposed: mission owned schools’ administration instill higher discipline, and promote good habits among the students. School fees are high and increase in fees and levies are not regulated in mission schools. Government administration establishes and provides good welfare  for teachers, provides adequate polices and have more qualified teachers. Government administration ensures no favoritism in enrolment. Mission and government should improve on the pay packages for the teachers and administrators. Mission and government should improve on proper assessment in the schools, planning, reviews of achievements and failures. Mission and government should improve on budgeting and finance management to enhance administration of education in Anambra State secondary schools.


missions, government, education administration and secondary schools

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