Bernice Sanusi (PhD), Faithfulness Akinselure


Over the years, the mass media has evolved, developing new channels of disseminating information to the mass audience, including Cable television; this study focuses on how Yoruba Obas are portrayed on cable television, emphasizing Nollywood movies. This study examined Yoruba kingship's evolution and how modernization has influenced Yoruba kingship in selected movies on cable television. Modernization has been a re-occurring event that continuously sharpens human activities ranging from culture, traditions, etc. The design methodology used to research the study was Content Analysis. The population f the study were 12 Nollywood movies released from January 2019 to December 2019.

One research question and one null hypothesis tested at 0.05 level of significance guided the study. The data collection instrument used was 12 selected cable television movies that portrayed Kingship's modernization in the Yoruba land. The study's findings revealed a significant difference between the Yoruba kingship's modernization as portrayed in cable television and reality. However, it was recommended that the drama producers portray the modernization level in reality in their movies.


Modernization, Kingship, Monarchy, Cable Television, Culture, Tradition

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