A. Farouk Abdulhadi, Shu'Aibu Sara Safyanu (PhD)


The study determined the relationship between school related stress and academic performance among undergraduate university students in Jigawa state; implication for counseling. Two objectives guided the study and two hypotheses were formulated and tested at 0.05 level of significance. The population of the study consists of all level 100,200 and 300 level students of federal university Dutse and Sule Lamido University Khafin Hausa with a total number of 13292. 378 students were randomly selected as a sample from the total population. An instrument titled school related stress inventories of undergraduate university students (SRSIUUS) was used for the collection s, same amount of the instruments were retrieved and analyzed. The data collected were analyzed using Pearson product moment correlation(PPMC) The results of the study shows that there was a positive relationship between school related stress and academic performance among undergraduate university student in Jigawa State. However recommendations offered where the university encourage the student to make used of counselling service unit at the university in order to help them with course(s) which the farm more difficult. And also the university management should review the university curriculum and reduced the number of barrowing courses and elective courses so that work load of university will reduce.


School related stress, academic performance, counseling and undergraduate university students

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