A. C. Okoye (PhD), J. N. Onwuagboke, J. U. Anaso


The Covid-19 pandemic has come as a sudden infection which may have to stay and ravage humanity for quite an unknown period of time. For this reason, there is need to devise ways and means of dealing with the infection as well as carrying out daily activities of humans without too much interruption. This paper discussed the need for a change in paradigm in the administration of Business Education in higher institutions of learning in line with the Covid-19 protocols. Emphasis is laid on reducing physical face to face learning setting and encouraging the adoption of remote teaching strategies. The paper recommends functional e-learning policies, provision of e-learning and information and communication technology facilities and infrastructure as well as continuous training and retraining of staff and students on remote teaching and learning techniques to drive the proposed policy.


Administration; Business Education; New normal; Paradigm shift

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