Eunice Adepeju Popoola, Emmanuel Ifeduba


It is impossible to exaggerate the value of radio in developing nations like Nigeria. It has been essential to national, societal, and educational development. Radio is the most prevalent, accessible, and inexpensive mass media available, especially for rural residents, despite technological breakthroughs that have altered how society functions.uHuThis paper examines the research conducted by researchers in Nigeria how radio relates with other aspects of life. The objective of the study was to find out the different areas of research that researchers have covered with in radio research as a medium of mass communication, the research methodology and the theory most preferred by researchers. The study utilized the systematic review and content analysis as methodology for the study. Findings revealed that researchers have focused more on relating radio and health, development, agriculture, education, politics and advertising. The study recommended that researchers should diversify and research on radio and other areas like culture, economy, convergence of the media, sports, climate change etc.


Radio, health, politics, education and development.

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