Isaac Olajide Fadeyi, Isola Benjamin Ayeni


The Nigerian Police Special Anti-Robbery Squad participated in unethical behaviour, which was the major focus of the #EndSars movement, which was organised mostly by Nigerian youth. The study investigated the causes, repercussions, and feasible solutions of the #endsars protest. The structural-functional theory framework served as the foundation for this effort. A comprehensive survey research approach was applied. Data was collected from publications in journals, newspapers, and the internet. According to the research, the Nigerian Police Special Anti-Robbery Squad is infamous for its use of brutality, abuses of human rights, and lack of accountability when doing its basic tasks. This inquiry also addressed a common misconception held by certain criminal organisations about the Special Anti-Robbery Squad's independence from government scrutiny. According to the study, police formations, other security agencies, civil society organisations, traditional/religious institutions, and the general public should collaborate effectively in order to improve the reputation of the Nigeria Police and better coordinate the fight against crime in Nigeria.


Endsars .Nigeria Police Reputation and Operations.

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