Bernice Oluwalanu Sanusi (PhD), Moshood Kayode Suleiman, Oluwafemi Emmanuel Aladenika


Education has improved drastically, the literacy rate in the southwest region of Nigeria was 89 percent for males and 80.6 percent for females as of 2018. this means that the majority of people in this region can read and write in at least one language. The south west region also had the lowest gender gap in literacy, with only 8.4 Percentage points difference between males and females. However, the federal Government of Nigeria reported that national illiteracy rate was still at an estimated 31 percent as of September 2021. Which means that about 62 million Nigerians are unable to read and write. The government also said that it was committed to improving literacy levels and transforming learning spaces for youths and adults.This paper aims to evaluate, stipulate and highlight how education and literacy can promoted in Osogbo through innovative communication strategies.


Innovative, digital. Communication, literacy

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