Christian Iheanacho Agboti (PhD)


The concept of corruption which is expected to be sine-qua-non to nothing in Nigeria Civil Service Administration as regards to its effectiveness and efficiency of performance has succeeded and considered since Colonia and Post-Colonial era a successful measure or income increase in the civil service. In facts, all activities  in the civil services have been non-government and governmental organizations, why that of the civil service is mare delicate because of the role it plays in the government and entire society. A total of three hundred and eight-eight (388) questionnaires were administered to respondents. 340 (three hundred and forty) were returned, forty-eight (48) were not returned while some were incomplete. The returned questionnaire was analysed and computed. Analysis of data obtained from questionnaire was also used in the test if hypothesis, the researcher accepted Hi because x2 is greater than the critical value. Hi states that corruption in Enugu State have affected on  the entire society and the government of the day. Actively ensuring that there is no opportunity to abuse offices. There is thus no better way of fighting corruption than to shut down the avenue of corruption. The closure of such denied an opportunity in the first in the instance, to the leadership to take advantage of their office to be corrupt.


Corruption, Civil Service, Governance and Administration

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