• Articles should not be longer than 14 pages – notes and references inclusive and should have an abstract of not more than 200 words and five keywords.
  • The title   and author’s   biographical details   (name,   university/department,   address, position/title, telephone, e-mail) should be identified on the title page only. It is mandatory to supply all information here.
  •  Author(s) names should be written in Surname, First name, and Middle name order  (i.e. Surname name first, First and last names).
  • Format: Font of body text should be Times New Roman Size 12. Alignment should be justified. Paragraphs should not be indented (block paragraphing). Line spacing should be double line spacing).
  •  Consistent spelling – American English or British English.
  • Tables and figures should be alluded to in the text while allusions to ‘notes’ should be indicated in superscript in the text. Notes should be presented as endnotes (i.e., at the end of the article, just before the References).
  • Referencing should  follow the  APA  style (Sixth edition)  and all  references should  be listed,  in strict alphabetical order, at the end of the article.


  • Authors are to forward their papers/articles to (or use our online submission platform) for considerations. Follow this link to learn how to submit online -
  • Authors shall receive confirmation of the receipt of the article by e-mail, and the article shall be sent to one or more assessors.
  • Upon notification that the article has been accepted for publication, the author shall be required to pay the publishing fee which shall be made available to them via a Letter of Notification.
  • The author(s) shall be responsible for securing any copyright, waivers, and permissions as may be needed to allow (re)publication of material in the article (text, illustrations, etc.) that is the intellectual property of third parties.
  • One complimentary hard copy shall be mailed to the corresponding author of an article published in Online Journal of Arts, Management & Social Sciences (OJAMSS). For request for extra copies, the author shall be required to pay additional mailing charges.



31st August 2017     -  Deadline for the receipt of all corrected versions and confirmations for publication.

September 2017       -  Release date.