Usman Bappi, Shamsudden Muhammad


This research on Nigerian Health Insurance: An evaluation of GoHealth Scheme in Yamaltu Deba Local Government Area, Gombe State, Nigeria, used area of coverage and beneficiary satisfaction as the specific objectives on GoHealth. The study makes use of survey research design that allows for the use of questionnaires to elicit data from the respondents, the population consist of the entire inhabitants of Yamaltu Deba Local Government Area of Gombe State. The estimated Population of 186,732 persons was used where 400 persons were selected using Taro Yamane formulae to represent the entire population. Multiple regression was used for the analysis. The study found a significant effect on area of coverage and beneficiary satisfaction on GoHealth Scheme. The study further recommends that GoHealth Scheme should be expanded since it has created an avenue where employed and unemployed individuals can access healthcare services at little or no cost even when they are not making contributions as the government bear the cost incurred by the poor and vulnerable especially for those officially registered in a government certified unemployment register. Several Nigerians are not fully enlightened in the components and structure of the NHIS, the same applies to GoHealth. The researcher recommends a massive and far-reaching enlightenment campaign to educate the populace on the scheme, the benefits there in and the rights of enrollees.


Evaluation, National Health Insurance Scheme, GoHealth

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