Joshua Kalu Ugbuta


This research is design to provide solution to problem of managing information about building infrastructure project of Abia State College of Education (Technical) Arochukwu. It involves the development of web-based database management system for efficient management of information about building projects and officers at the works unit of the college. Presently, records about building projects are kept manually which makes it difficult to manage. It is often difficult to find information and editing them is stressful. The development of web-based database management system for building infrastructure will make it possible to keep information electronically in the computer. This will make it easy to retrieve information and making corrections will also be possible. This research adopts the Agile software development process consisting of five stages namely requirement phase, design, implementation, verification and maintenance. The programming language used in the development of the system include PhP Myadmin, Hypertext Markup Language, Cascading style sheet and MySQL for database design.


Database, web-based system, infrastructure information system.

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