Abdulrahman Adamu, Salisu Ogbo Usman (PhD)


This study attempts not just the conceptualization of citizenship education and democratic culture, but also examines the roles they play in building the Nigerian state. It therefore, becomes imperative to emphasize the relevance of citizenship education and democratic culture in the 21st Century Nigeria, owing to the fact that the physical, socio-economic and political environment in which we live clearly puts us at a colossal disadvantage on the knowledge about citizens’ rights and responsibilities. Relying on qualitative method through the use of secondary sources of data collection, the study reveals that it is becoming almost impossible to divorce the potential role of citizens in the task of nation-building in a given political community. It concludes that there is an implication that the total spectrum of citizenship education is therefore submerged in immense integrative and interdisciplinary commitments and perspectives. The study recommends that there is need for all tertiary institutions in Nigeria to intensify efforts towards introducing citizenship education as a general course in order to equip Nigerian students to be better aware of their duties and responsibilities as citizens as well as the role of the state in the maintenance of law and order. This will therefore serve as a means to achieve democratic stability in the country.


Citizenship Education, Democratic Culture, National Development, Nation-Building

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