Emmanuel I. Wonah


The paper examined Globalization, Governance and Development in Nigeria. The main argument of the paper is that globalization would continue to impact negatively on governance and indeed development in Nigeria except the basic objective conditions are met in order to derive the expected benefits from globalization. The paper relied on secondary sources of data and adopted dependency theory as an analytical construct. One of the assumptions of dependency theory is that unequal exchange is the basis for exploitation and underdevelopment. It was noted in the paper that globalization reinforces inequality and may not guarantee the much talked about even development for all the members of the so called ‘global village’. As a corollary to the issue of inequality, the paper also noted that corruption, lack of purposeful and dynamic leadership and other fissiparous tendencies exacerbate the negative externalities of globalization which impact dismally on governance and development in Nigeria. The paper recommended inter alia that Nigeria should consistently strive to meet those basic objective conditions that can obtain benefits from globalization in order to enhance good governance and development.


Globalization; Governance; Development; Dependency, Inequality, Corruption

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