Emeka Amechi Nweze, Prof. Emmanuel E. Umebali


This paper examined socio-economic and production resources influence on yam production among cooperative farmers in Anambra State, Nigeria. The paper was guided by two objectives and hypotheses. The theoretical orientation was marginal productivity theory. Descriptive survey design was adopted. Population of study was 3,200 registered yam cooperative farmers and sample size of 400 was generated using Taro Yamane formula. Multi-stage sampling technique was used in selecting respondents. Main data instrument was structured questionnaire. Data were analysed using frequency, percentage, mean and multiple regression through the aid of SPSSS. The findings show that socio-economic characteristics (sex, age, size of household, farming experience, academic qualifications and years of cooperative membership) significantly influence yam production among cooperative farmers in Anambra state. It also revealed that yam production among cooperative members in the state was significantly influenced by production resources, such as price of yam sidelines, fertilizer, credit/funds, modern production tools, reliance on personal/family labour, extension service, pesticides/herbicides and means of transportation. This paper concluded that men still dominate yam farming in the area and the farmers are aging. It was recommended among others that the government should begin serious sensitization and farming empowerment programme on women and the youth as to encourage them to embrace and fully venture into yam cultivation. This would not only help to eliminate the traditional misconception that yam is crop for the men and curtail rising unemployment among the youth, but to boast food security.


agricultural cooperative, production resources, socio-economic, yam production.

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