Abosede Kaltumi Sangosanya, E. Madukoma (PhD)


The study evaluated the influence of capacity building as determinants of job performance of librarians in the national library of Nigeria. The study adopted a survey design with a study population of 135 librarians in National library of Nigeria, total enumeration was used because the population was very few. A structured and validated questionnaire was used for data collection. Data was analyzed using the SPSS software, frequency distribution and percentages. The findings revealed that the capacity building programmes were moderately available (grand mean=2.46, SD=.637), while the job training programmes were highly available (mean=2.61), and off the job training programmes were moderately available (mean=2.30). Specifically, the result indicated that staff orientation programs (mean=3.03), job rotation (mean=2.76), job instruction training (mean=2.74) and sandwich and part-time training programs (mean=2.50) were some of the on-the-job training programmes available to library staff of the National Library of Nigeria. The study concludes that capacity building helps in improving the job performance of librarians. This study therefore confirmed other previous studies which have focused on the effect of each of the variable of the study on job performance in the past. However, the study recommended that the management of National Library of Nigeria need to make conscious efforts to provide support for staff training and development programmes especially the long term and short term courses that could enhance the career progression of the library staff. Regular in-house trainings should also be given more attention to enable more staff to benefit.


capacity building, job performance, librarians and National library

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