Azorondu Abigail Agbon, Famuyide Oreoluwa Titilayo, James Obinna Ajike, Binuyo Biodun Adesoye


Homosexuality means feeling physical attraction for the identical biological sex. There is high level of societal rejection of non-normative sexual identities in Africa, with very low tolerance for homosexuality and other non-normative or alternative sexual behaviors. The study intends to wake up limelight, the perspectives/knowledge of undergraduate students in a private university in Ogun state, Nigeria on homosexuality.

Quantitative research method was used. Three hypotheses were tested: There is no negative level of attitude of undergraduate students towards homosexuality, Undergraduate students has no negative perception towards homosexuality, there is no significant level of knowledge of undergraduate students on homosexuality, there is no significant level of knowledge of undergraduate students on homosexuality, Simple random sampling as the technique and a sample size of 400 participants. Research design was descriptive survey. A questionnaire was used as the research instrument. The study findings revealed that most of the University students had a negative perception of homosexuality. Findings also indicate that there is significant level of knowledge of undergraduate students on homosexuality. Result showed that the respondents agree that there was adequate knowledge of LGBT person(s) among students.

Knowledge of undergraduate students towards homosexuality and its implication on social adjustment had been examined. It is concluded that there was a negative level of knowledge of undergraduate students towards homosexuality. It is recommended based on the findings that institutions or schools with restricted lifestyle and movement should be freed and students should be allowed a reasonable freedom of movement, restricted movement and lifestyle should be relaxed to an extent.

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