Olaoluwa Adeyemi, Odutola Osilesi, Olugbenga Adebawo, Funmilayo Onajobi, Sunday Oyedemi, Anthony Afolayan


Clupea harangus (CH) is a table fish locally called sawa in south-western Nigeria. The effect of local processing methods: poaching, wood and charcoal smoking on the amino acid profile of CH fillet, skin, head and bones (SHB) was investigated using standard bioassay methods. The raw fish (fillet and SHB) recorded high glutamic acid concentration ranging from 36.02 to 60.08mg/g and aspartic acid between the range of 20.77 and 36.10mg/g as the most abundant non-essential amino acids (NEAA). Leucine (21.20-34.57mg/g), lysine (16.79-31.57mg/g), alanine (16.82-26.99mg/g) and arginine (24.65-21.53mg/g) were found as the most essential amino acid (EAA) coupled with high proportion of branched-chain amino acids. All the processing methods significantly improved the concentration of EAA in the fish samples ranging from 154.45 to 186.69mg/g (fillet) and 92.32 to 112.97mg/g (SHB) as compared with raw fish samples. Both wood smoking and poaching methods had desirable effects on the amino acid contents in the fillet and SHB. Poached SHB had a high protein quality and a significant source of lysine and sulphur containing EAA that can be explored for human and livestock consumptions. The present study indicated that wood processing or poaching could improve protein quality and amino acids profile of Clupea harangues.


Fish processing; Fish waste; Clupea harangues; Amino acids profile

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